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Endoscopic frontal sinus surgery, once the frontier in the evolution of endoscopic sinus surgery, is considered difficult, risky to the patient, and likely to result in a high failure rate. We clarify the surgical anatomy for frontal sinus surgery that, based on a review of our data, provides safe and predictable access to the frontal sinus. Revision endoscopic frontal sinus surgery was performed on two patients with persistent frontal sinus opacification. Without frontal recess surgery • Frontal recess surgery • Endoscopic frontal sinusotomy • Frontal sinus trephination • Unilateral extend frontal sinus surgery ( Draf II) • Endoscopic Modified Lothrop ( Draf III) • Osteoplastic flap with or without obliteration. Resection of the adjacent superior nasal septum enhances surgical access by allowing for passage of the endoscope and drill through opposite sides of the nose. Coding Endoscopic Sinus Surgery AHIMA Audio Seminar Series 20 Notes/ Comments/ Questions Endoscopic OMC Endoscopic frontal sinus exploration And/ Or Osteomeatal Complex ( OMC) resection And/ Or Anterior ethmoidectomy With/ Without Removal of polypsEndoscopic OMC Endoscopic frontal sinus exploration And/ Or.
This approach may include removal of frontal recess cells and/ or the common wall between the frontal sinus and SOE cell. In contrast, the osteoplastic frontal sinusot-. Liftul frontal endoscopic superior. The mainstay of frontal sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis is to achieve and maintain an adequate frontal outflow tract. Bilateral frontal sinus drillout procedure is performed with a transseptal technique. Surgery crossed midline including one frontal recess with resection of the superior nasal septum. A, The most anterior part of the left frontal sinus has been opened. Jun 20, · Endoscopic frontal sinus surgery ( FESS) for chronic sinusitis. After the bilateral frontal sinuses are confirmed, these anterior walls are removed as necessary, and the interfrontal septum is removed posteriorly, superiorly, or inferiorly, as required. Endoscopic sinus surgery and marsupialization should be the treatment of choice for asymptomatic simple frontal mucoceles.

The surgical result was assessed on endoscopy and computed tomography ( CT). Same patient as in Figure 1. Endonasal frontal sinusotomy can range from endoscopic removal of obstructing frontal recess cells or uncinate process to the more complex unilateral or bilateral removal of the frontal sinus floor as described in the Draf II– III drainage proce- dures.

Using a stepwise approach and identifying critical endoscopic anatomic landmarks, to minimize complications and obtain long- term good endoscopic. Endoscopic frontal sinusotomy can be functionally defined as endoscopic removal of frontal recess cells to restore frontal sinus ventilation and drainage. More radical approaches are required if the size of mucoceles is large and if there appears to be extensive bone erosion causing orbital or intracranial complications.

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